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What do you know about NGOs – No money but really INTERESTING!

NGO (non- government organization)  a non – profit organization that is independent from states and international governmental organizations. They are usually funded by donations and run primarily by volunteers but not for bussiness and trade targets. NGOs are various groups of organzation including plenty of activities and build different forms in different parts of the world.

NGOs are divided by their orientation and how they operate.

  • Participatory orientations: Local people are involved in a project by contributing cash, tools, land, materials, labour…For development of the project, participation begins with the need definition and continues into the planning and implementation stages.
  • Charitable orientation: Activities organized by NGOs directly meet the demand of the poor families involving efforts with least participation of the “beneficiaries”.
  • Empowering orientation: The aim is to help poor people have better knowledge about social, political and economics affecting their lives. This empowers their awareness to change bad condition and develop in the future.
  • Service orientation: Activities such as provision of health, family planning or education srevices is set up by the NGOs. They expect that these service go into work and can help many people as much as possible.

Based on each of activities in NGOs, World Bank devides them into Operational and Advocacy. Firstly, NGOs provide goods and services to people who are suffer from the results of man-made disaster or natural disaster. Secondly, they act as catalysts in that they drive change. They have the ability for inspiration, facilitation or contribution to improve awareness and action. Lastly, NGOs act as partners together with organizations in efforts to solve problems and address human needs more effectively.


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